Leaf Blaster Pro

Never clean your gutters out again!

Leaf Blaster PRO Gutter guards keep leaves, pine needles and roof sand grit out of your gutter and allows the maximum amount of water to flow through your gutter. The stainless steel micro-mesh keeps out mosquitoes, wasps, birds, rodents and the smallest debris from getting into your gutter. It can be installed on any type of roof and gutter. Made from surgical grade stainless steel micro-mesh. It provides you with a valuable asset for years to come due to the high quality materials used. The micro-mesh combined with aluminum, extruded sides provide the perfect amount of strength and flexibility for the ultimate in gutter protection.

Smart Flow & Eave n Flow

Sits on gutter, with screws added to front lip for a secure install. Works with any roof pitch. Low profile, making it invisible from the ground. They are made of aluminum for consistent strength and pest resistance. The hole design keeps leaves, and small debris out, allowing rain water to flow through your gutter. Ridges on the Eave N Flow and Smart Flow promote air flow to blow dry debris off with a slight breeze. They are each available for 5" and 6" K-style gutters.

Mesh Guard & Metal Mesh Guard Panel

Mesh gutter guards are made of painted aluminum, featuring an offset louver system covered with a stainless steel micromesh filter. The louvered design draws rainwater in, while the micromesh filters out tiny debris like pine needles, seed pods and shingle grit. The alignment/stiffening ribs are designed for easy installation and improved strength. They work well as part of a rain water collection system. Available for 5" and 6" K-style gutters. They sit on the gutters with screw added to front lip for a secure install. Must be installed with a positive slope towards the house. The rear edge of the guard will fit against the fascia at a higher point than the front lip.